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Now Holy Writ states in Rev. 14:1; And I saw, and lo! the Lamb, standing upon the mount Zion, and with him, a hundred and forty-four thousand, having his name and his Father's name written upon their foreheads.


And in Rev. 14:12; Here is the endurance of the saints, they who keep the commandments of El and the faith of Yahshua.


Chapter 6. A Broken Law

We Were, All of Us, Made for Love!


Love is the thread of Truth with which the entire fabric of Yah's Eternal Reality is made. It is the very essence of the unchanging universal Spiritual Law of Life, of the ultimately powerful Sovereign of Existence who is the First Authority of Life & Truth, and Love's original Author. His Love is Eternal.


If any transgress Love in any point, being either contrary or irresponsible to Love, one is guilty of transgressing the entire Law of Life, thus the fine fabric of Yah's Reality is rent.


Love is Truth, and so, is the Way of Life. Violation of Love is Falsehood and so, naturally, is the Way of Death. Any who pursue Truth, pursue Life, but who pursues Falsehood will inevitably embrace Death. When Love is scorned, Death ensues.


Thus death (nonexistence, or Oblivion) is the end result of violation of this great, unchanging spiritual Law of Life, and is the condemnation of the chronic abuses of Love. Who of us can honestly say that we have always been consistent with this great spiritual Law of Love?


Nevertheless, as Love is the foundation and fabric of the great Law of Life, it's Author, Yah Himself, can only be and is true to such. And so therefore His Mercy, which is born of His Love, must and does exceed the unhappy fate of Condemnation  (of death) to which we all must succumb. Such Mercy is the excellent Grace of our Maker.


Rigid Justice = Condemnation under Moses

Righteous Justice = Pardon under Yahshua!

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