Just WHO is Yahshua of Nazareth REALLY?

December 9, 2018 0 Comments

Just WHO is Yahshua REALLY?

Yahshua is the Beginning of the Creation of Yahweh, i.e. His "Son" and "Heir" to all Creation, even the "Living Word" of Yahweh who is our Creator and Owner; even by whom Yahweh Created the Universe and Everything herein, meaning Yahshua is the First Scientist in all Creation, and is extremely intelligent and thinks objectively and so with a purpose accomplishes his Father's Will on behalf of us all, even we who were made by these holy Elohim (who are Yahweh and His "firstborn" Son Yahshua). These Two Elohim ("Mighty Ones") are the Original and true First Authority in Life & Truth, by whom we shall all be Graced so as to Live Forever in Their Universe They made for us and for Themselves: even for their joy in their great work which they have revealed to us by means of the Holy Bible & the Holy Spirit given to Their Elect upon our acceptance of and faith in Them, even in our Reconciliation to Life & Truth through Their Plan of Salvation which these great beings provided us, that we may be called forth to Life Eternal in the First Resurrection, in the New Earth, soon upon us. And that is Saving Truth.

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