And so, WHO is Jesus of Rome, REALLY?

December 9, 2018 0 Comments

So Who is Jesus really & does that name apply to Yahshua?


The Savior of the World is Yahshua and is a Jewish Prince of the Line of Judah, in Antiquity, who was born into the World through a young faithful Jewish girl who had "not yet known man." She was hurriedly married to Joseph after learning of her miraculous pregnancy. And so Yahshua was born to her in Israel, and thereafter she had more siblings for him by her husband Joseph. He was honored to thus accomplish the fulfillment of his Father's Plan of Salvation, and yes it was very difficult for him and he suffered horribly to accomplish this task.


In the Greek, in antiquity, his name underwent some corruption, and then again, suffered a few more corruptions until they came up with the corrupt form we all regard as this great Prince's name (Jesus/Iesus/Iesous), but it is not his name at all (ref. Sacred Names of Elohim/kmy*) and there is NO salvation in that erroneous name.


This erroneous name Jesus was adopted by the modern day pagan Babylon; "Babylon the Great" is the term for this ancient Pagan Solar Temple of the Antichrist who was called Tammuz and the "Savior of Babylon" in those ancient days. Thus to confuse us all was the point.


So NO, the name Jesus does NOT in fact apply to the Jewish Prince our Savior Yahshua, but is applied to Rome's (Babylon's) fake savior instead; thus we must rise above the confusion and take the true name of our true Savior who will reside with us all forever in the New Earth, His New Jerusalem, in perpetuity. To use the name of Jesus after hearing the truth of the matter, is not embracing Saving Truth. So go do your homework if you have not yet figured this out, that you may get the fullest blessing of the Holy Spirit given to you upon evidence of your good Faith in this Nazarene! Amen to that! 

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